ZIPPER 17 inch Walk Behind Wand with Dual-Draw Vacuum Head with 7 Jets.

ZIPPER™ 17" Walk Behind Wand
Dual-Draw Vacuum Head with 7 Jets: $2,295.00

Displayed with Tall Boy Handle available for $100.00.
Tall Boy Handle recommended for technicians 6'3" or above.

  • High or low flow "Walk Behind Wand"
  • Available in 7, 10.5, or 14 flow
  • Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum Head
  • We do the guess work for you, all Zipper Wands are customized
    to maximize the performance of your machine
  • Available in Gunmetal Gray or Blue
  • Parker Fittings and Solution Lines
  • Patented Dual-Vacuum Port Technology for maximum drying
  • 17" Dual-Port Vacuum Head with 6 jet Solution Manifold (Check Valve Equipped)
  • Highest Quality Billet Stainless Steel Valve made for easy
    and reliable operation-rated 1,500 PSI and 250º
  • Non-fixed Stainless Steel handle design greatly reduces fatigue, back, and body strain
  • Patented Reversible Teflon® TruGlides, providing twice the life
  • Easy wheel adjustment for padded and CGD carpeting
  • Weight package included for various carpet types and conditions
  • Cleans at least 30% faster than Rotary Extractors
  • Dries carpets faster to reduce spot wicking
  • Cleans & dries forward and backward: 1 dry stroke using the
    Zipper™ Wand = 2 dry strokes using a traditional wand
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Zipper™ The Best Walk Behind Steam Cleaning Wands on the market today!