History of the Zipper™

We decided to build our own carpet cleaning tool, after looking at everything available and not finding anything to our liking. Almost 13 years ago, we came up with our proto-type concept that would fit all of our cleaning needs.

Our main goal was to invent something that reduced fatique and dried the carpets faster, reducing spot wicking, which is caused by leaving the carpet to wet!

We achieved this goal by designing a dual port walk behind wand. This allows you to clean and never leave water behind on your forward stroke. As we came out with the two port head, we realized that both of these ports needed to stay on the carpet at all times for equal extraction. So we built a non-fixed handle into the proto-type design. That works great!

This concept along with the wheels and the overall weight of the head, allowed us to achieve all of our goals. We call it the "Zipper™".

When using this tool, your back is always aligned straight. Always keeping the handle at waist level, allows you to use all of your muscles evenly. Your legs, back, & arms are used uniformly to push and pull the Zipper™. This greatly reduces body fatigue & strain.

As most people in the carpet cleaning industry know, the technique of cleaning carpet correctly is not a skill learned overnight. The Zipper™ reduces the skill level needed by a technician to produce fabulous results.

After extensive testing the Zipper™ prototypes under a wide variety of conditions, the Zipper™ Dual Port Walk Behind Wand is now completely developed.

Commercial ZIPPER prototype wands