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We just wanted to let you know the feedback we are getting from other proud owners of the Zipper™.
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Name: Bob Kuminski - Alpine Cleaning Solutions

Erik, As you know, we recently bought the Zipper™. Our business is is about 60% residential, 40% commercial. The Zipper™ is a great tool and dry times are dramitically reduced. It does not seem to matter what segment we clean, we shaved 50% off the amount of time it took to complete each job, where we previously used rotary extraction, enabling us to get an extra couple jobs done per day.
Thanks, Erik.

Name: Joseph Rogers

I want to give a shout to Erik Hiltz, the man who exhibited some old-school American Ingenuity when he designed and built the Zipper wand. It's an amazing tool, turning the carpet cleaning world on it's ear, and he does it all from his shop with a couple employees. 

American designed, and American built. That's the good stuff!

Name: Kevin Dineen-Duraclean Professional Systems

There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using the Zipper efficiently. I bought the Zipper to increase my carpet cleaning production after reading many of the endorsements on this board.

Using the Zipper on my first few jobs was a frustrating experience. I was trying to move fast, tripping over my hoses, running over my solution line and the magnate would snap the cleaning head off the carpet when I did not want it to and the dam thing would fall over all the time. I was frustrated, exhausted and my body ached.

I have been using the Zipper for three months now on 99% of my carpet cleaning jobs. I stuck with the Zipper due to its superior flushing and drying capabilities. I am now seeing the increase in production that I bought the tool for because I am more familiar with the equipment and the necessary hose management and cleaning pattern strategy of each area. The Zipper is also easier on my body than my tricked out ti wands.

I advise the new Zipper users to hang in there and master the Zipper cleaning technique, you will not regret it.

Name: Doug Heiferman

The performance and quality of the zipper speaks for itself. Excellent piece of equipment that really adds to the quality of the cleaning while eliminating repetitive stress related issues for the professional textile cleaner that may develop from consistently using the same muscles on one side of the body. The zipper is a innovative tool for the professional textile cleaner who is looking to up their game.  

Name: Mark Saiger-Saiger's Steam Clean

Here was a post that someone had a question about the Zipper Wand which I really enjoy using. I have 2 of them and purchased them this past September 2014. Here is the answer to a question that was posted:

Hi just caught me as I was heading to my shop to mix up chems and make sure my vans and Zipper wands are ready for tonights big resturant . I started using the Zipper wands this September. I had looked at them for quite awhile (like for a few years), but finally tried them more at this years Experinece show in Las Vegas. I was impressed with what I was seeing and how they were cleaning...and honestly, I trusted Allen Heppner as he had one...I did not yet....and he spoke really highly of them too....That did cliinch it for me...The thing that got me, was the very first night I was using it on a really soiled resturant that alwasy gave us problems....the thing was just killing it and making incredible time! I serioulsy sent Erik Hiltz a text message in the middle of the night (close to midnight) with my credit card info and told him to get another one on the way. It was making so much time, cleaning so great...we needed another one for out second van as the second cleaning unit with all our other great equipment was not cleaning as well without a Zipper hooked up to it. As everyone has mentioned, it has some great ease of use, and one thing we really like besides how it can the dry times are amazing! I am going to attach a bunch of my videos I did for your viewing and the first 2 are of the first night we were using them. I am going to shoot video tonight too...the job tonight is going to be a dirty one....and I am so excited about it! I use it on a lot of residential too I love it that much! 

Name: David Mirfin

Was overbooked on Thursday so I took my son who is 16 years old. He has not been out since he was 14 and then I had him help with the hoses. He is in high school and does crew as a sport which is pretty much a year round sport. He said he did not want to just move hoses as he was felt he was under valued. Well it was a 4 story hotel and we were to do all the halls. Okay I said we will at the top and work our way down. He did a great job on the Zipper and I found it easy to train him on. I trained and moved hoses until the second floor then we switched. I think he has a new appreciation for the amout of work we do as carpet cleaners. I have a new helper when I can grab him and maybe a college job if he gives up rowing.Bottom of Form

Name: Roger Jennings

Where was this cleaning head 33 years ago! This bad boy is the cats meow👍 paid for itself the first week!

Name: Bruce Anderson - Anderson Carpet Cleaning

The Zipper™ is revolutionary. This is what carpet cleaners have been waiting for. The Zipper™ will out clean and dry any wand on the market. I have tried rotary extractors, drag wands, but the Zipper™ does what its made to do, clean carpets.

Name: Jesse Clark - Sunshine Cleaning Systems

What can I say about the Zipper™? It has so many advantages. We use it on every job we do now. I liked it so much I bought a second one within the first month of the first unit. I enjoy cleaning again that’s for sure, big rooms don’t seem that big and my shoulder does not hurt anymore either. We have a rotary extractor and I would much rather use the Zipper™. I don’t need to cut in all the edges anymore (of course some we do) and I don’t groom the carpet only to find out there were some streaking issues. The rotary could never clean the commercial jobs like the Zipper™. And I don’t want some light weight tool that just glides over the surface either; the Zipper™ gets in there and cleans like a big dog without me being the big dog. It has cleaned every carpet type and style very well with better dry times than before. My front porch has an old true indoor/outdoor carpet and I have never seen it come out so well. One school we clean every year took an hour longer this year single wanding with the Zipper™, versus dual wanding before, but here is the kicker I had one less employee on the job. That is huge! We are a very quality focused company and very picky about a lot of things we do, this tool gives us the quality we want, the dry times we want and is saving us time. We clean with both a Vortex and Prochem unit and now I feel confident using both machines that the cleaning is equal on all jobs. Thank you Erik for building this great tool, I truly think it is the best investment I have ever made in my company in a long time. I wish this tool had been around before buying other machines and tools that claimed to save so much time and money but never really did.

Thanks Again! Jesse Clark

P.S. All of my employees love it!

Name: Dale Webb - Wash on Wheels

Wash on Wheels was one of the first companies to purchase the Zipper™. I realized immediately the time savings that the Zipper™ would have on my commercial jobs. The Zipper™ made my customers very happy because the results were amazing. I feel that the purchase price of the Zipper™ will be offset by the savings in the cost of labor. In the long run the Zipper™ will have cost me nothing. It is my opinion that every carpet cleaning company should own one.

Name: Sam - SCProServices

I freakin love the Zipper™, it took some getting used to but now were using it on most of the jobs, the results are amazing, it just makes sense to have the weight and I love how it stands upright and is ready to go. The magnet & site tube are really good ideas. I did a little personal test of my own, I cleaned an area with the Titanium Wand which I usually spray on the forward & backward pass and then do a dry pass. I did the same with the Zipper™ until I saw very little moisture in the site tube, then I went over the area where I had just cleaned with the Ti wand and it was like I didn’t even do a dry pass, I got so much more extra out of the carpet with the Zipper™. I thought I would be using it on just open areas but we’ve been using it most of the time. I think I used the Ti wand once since I’ve had the Zipper™. I’ve been getting compliments from ladies and their telling me how cool the Zipper™ looks. I tell them yea, it’s the latest & greatest tool, bla,bla,bla. And it does look really cool. The quality is outstanding. I want to thank you for taking such pride in your idea and the craftsman ship is top notch. I hope I can buy 2 more someday.

Name: Garry Moyer- Great Lakes Interlink

A little over a year ago, Erik brought the Zipper™ proto-type into our store for us to demo. He wanted our opinion on his new product. We hooked the Zipper™ up to a Power Clean Unit. My first thought was, "What kind of drag wand is this?" After a few strokes, I realized it wasn’t any kind of drag wand at all. It was incredible, unique, & I knew others had to try it. It was easy to operate and the carpets dried very quickly. A few months ago, Erik re-visited our store with his finished product and dropped one off with us to use. By watching the air-flow through the lexan glass, I quickly realized why the carpets dried so fast and how pressures could be increased for better agitation. The Zipper™ doesn’t put excess strain on your back. During operation, you stand in an upright position, so your back is not hunched to one side. The best feature of the Zipper™ is the amount of Sq/Ft you can clean an hour. As we all know, "time is money." I would not do a large commercial job without it. The results are mind-blowing. We hold many different Certification Courses in our store and we demonstrated the Zipper™ to see what other carpet cleaners thought. They couldn’t believe the results and how easy it was to use. It makes the newest technicians look like a professional carpet cleaners immediately. The Zipper™ truly is a great product and a lot of carpet cleaners could benefit from using this tool.

Name: Rex Farr - F &C Cleaning Systems

Hey guys, this wand is great. NO BULLSH** about it. Erik really did his homework on this wand. We use it on 98% of our jobs!

Name: Ashley McKendree- Elite Carpet Care

90% of my commercial work (and I do a LOT of commercial) a wide drag wand would not work, the floors are too uneven. My Zipper was perfect, because it wasn’t too wide. That being said, if there was no such thing as a zipper, and there was a hole glide for this drag wand, it would speed up quite a few ballrooms I do and would be great for water extraction.

Name: George V

I'd like to place an order for about 100 Zipper Jr's please.  These things are golden... There's like two moving parts on the whole tool and it cleans as well as a rotary extractor with a hundred moving parts. Nothing to service, except maybe a new glide every couple of years.
Very nice product Erik - Thank you

Name: Gene Miller- X-pert Carpet Care

The Zipper Jr is the only wand we use. Since I've gotten it, we use it for all of our work. I mostly clean residential. I don't have any problem in closets and such and the only time I break out the wand is for a custom rug that has very deep sculpting. The 2 slots just won't handle it. I can only speak for myself but all 3 techs that tried it chose it over the wand. The reason it cleans better is because you can run a higher flow and still leave it drier. I can't imagine being without it. I love my zipper and can't image going back to a wand.

Name: Jonathan

As for the zipper, it is so well constructed, you would think it came from Germany. I love the European feel to it!

Name: Mike Wallace- Payless Carpet Cleaning

I love my zipper also, I use it on all commercial jobs and some residential.  Thank you Erik for making such a useful and quality tool.

Name: Jeff Wheeler

Well where do I start I have had mine for about 2 weeks now and let me tell you next to my new TM its the best tool I have ever used. I use mine in residential and its easier than the wand. It gets into tight areas better and faster. Now let me say that because it has 5 number #2 jets on it and because the way you use it you pull the trigger pretty consistent you have to have the TM that can keep up to the demand. It is a quality made tool that will last forever and make cleaning carpets both commercial and residential easier, faster, and was easier on the guy behind it. Take it from me don't wait another day you won’t regret it

Name: Canadaboy

I have had my new Zipper for 4 days now and done both small residential and big commercial, and all I can say if you don't have one you need to get one, NEVER again will I use my wand

Name: Dustin- Cleantech

From my experience so far with the Zipper

It kicks the every living crap out of the prochem titanium 

no question, no comparison

and yes, I just said that'

of course tight areas or light soiling a wand is just fine but so far im getting away with zero pre scrubbing.

Name: Steve Frasier- Drew & Steve's Floor Care

I just bought my 2nd zipper. They are well made. It edges/vacuums vey well against the wall. I like the sight tube. I cleaned Titan Freight Systems the other day, nylon carpet with diesel soot in the carpet. We have to pull the chairs mats so you can see the dirt lines pretty well. We clean every 6 months. Usually have to prespray and scrub but the just did a redline prespray and soap free rinse, slow rinse and dry stroke. Perfect. 

I even became an emulisfer hack at Anna's Bridal. Did an 8' X 50' section, did another about the same size then started my 3rd area, the first area was about dry when I was done with the 3rd area

If you think about it, you are vacuuming up your prespray and dirt before you rinse then you rinse and dual chamber vacuum with a dry stroke. That is vacuuming the same area 4 times.

Name: Gene Miller- X-pert Carpet Care

The zipper was designed by a very smart fellow cleaner Eric. It has a glide in the front and back. The angle of the spray bar is perfect and remains perfect. It cleans better than the wand and leaves it drier. 2 passes of the wand will not leave the carpet as dry as one pass of the zipper. I think having 2 slots really opens up the power of your blower. You never get wand lock. We clean almost every job with it. It really rocks on commercial. Check it out on YouTube.  

Name: Ben Anderson-Precision First

I have been very happy with the wand.  My only concern is that my 'competition' will be willing to invest in one!

A 20 plus year restaurant customer asked last week why it doesn't smell like wet carpet anymore. Turns out that dry carpet doesn't smell!

Name: Joey Harper- Harper Carpet Cleaning

Best tool ever created in my personal opinion!

Name: Joe Smith-1st Choice Carpet Cleaning

I ordered a 15 zipper, most of my work is residential.

..I use it 90 % of the time....job well done Erik....first week i had some soreness behind i feel no soreness...the zipper is built so could fly to the moon if it had a fuel tank on patient using this tool...I'm still learning the best way to clean odd shaped dry times are insane i advertise dry in 1 hour and im getting that consistently.

Name: Mark Dean- Pro Carpet Care

Hi Tammy. Please let Erik know that My wife and I absolutely love our Zipper wand. We got it last wed and have used it several times both residential and commercial. After cleaning carpet for 23 years its hard to change my style so it is a learning curve getting use to the Zipper, but Erik told me it would be. I have several good friends in the same business that's interested is seeing it in action. I'm also interested in knowing how the 17" Zipper does because I could definitely use another one. Mark Saiger is the main reason I order the new wand because his YouTube videos help convince me that it was worth the investment. Thanks for producing a great tool! If I can ever help with demo's in the Raleigh NC area just let me know. Thanks.

Name: Mark Saiger- Saiger's Steam Clean

Ok... Shill moment if you want, but I just secured an $8000 carpet cleaning job at our newest hotel and convention center. Did emergency cleaning in their breakfast serving area. One of the owners (the wife) came by to thank us with 2 of the main maintenance guys... Blew her socks off with what the Zipper Wand was doing as we cleaned, BUT ALSO she reached down to see how dry it was immediately after doing a dry pass... And told me... You are right... That Zipper is great.... We need you to definitely do all the halls, stairwells, convention center ballroom, main restaurant... Can you put us on your schedule Sunday August 9 and take care of this... Yes we can!!!! Thank you Erik Hiltz!!!

Name: Mark Saiger- Saiger's Steam Clean

-  I so love our Zippers... Even my wife admits if it wasn't for Erik Hiltz invention, we would not have come close to keeping up with our demand for our services. She was on the Womens panel at the Experience convention in Clearwater Beach and the Mikeysfest part... She even said how important it is to have good equipment that saves time and makes money... And she was referring to the Zipper Wand! Home run Erik Hiltz... Home run!!!


-  I have Zipper Wands, CRB units, Prochem pimped Titanium wands, Rotovac 360 XL's and modified RX 20's. The RX 20's are off the vans and sit, the Rotovac 360 XL's take up less space and something we are more ready to take off the van and use for those really trashed rat nasties, but our favorite is the Zipper Wand.... But to make the decision of which to buy I think depends on what type of cliental and types of soiling you run into. And each one of the units I mentioned have strengths and weaknesses. We use the Zippers every chance we can because they Clean great and there is nothing I have come across that dries better than them. We do a fair amount of large jobs and Zipper Wands can be killer on large commercial but also use them on a lot of residential. There are still times on nasty restaurants you might need to agitate. And sometimes not... The Zipper can be twice as fast as any wand and sometimes 3 times faster than a rotary. I think you need to do some study as to what your type of work is and which could help you best right now. If you can afford both.... Do it... You won't be disappointed in my opinion. If you get a Zipper I encourage you to talk with me as you will need to retrain your brain to clean different than a wand... 

Name: Shiloh Glaze

Ron'nBonnie Hunkins it's a great value add, the client is a real estate investor and said he loved the extra touches, he's had rentals for years and no cleaner had ever used such a great feature. I absolutely love our Seal-a-door. Thank you so much Mason Tomaino for swinging by and showing me a little dye action and allowing me to test run the Bonzer, to give you my honest opinion is it's a piece of junk, light weight because it's built like crap, give me the Zipper any day. It's not heavy it's sturdy and built to last. I stopped using the bonzer half way through and went back to my wand and it was better. Very disappointed. #sealadoorrocks #zippersrule

Name: Lee DiMatteo, DiMatteo Carpet & Floor Care

Really loving this zipper wand, been saving me a lot of time and money.

Thank You!

Name: Danny Hernandez- Vapor Bright Systems

#LEGENDOPERATOR recommends the Zipper Wand by: Erik Hiltz 🎖I want to share one of the best systems I have in my arsenal of cleaning tools.
👉Now for the nut...s - this system has brought me more business, impressed new and existing clients and has lowered my machine time on an average job by 25% to 30% when in operation VS a wand, not to mention a much better job then any wand, it cleans great along edges very closely and your not killing yourself in operations. Expect a much better volume of flush and recovery power from the duel Teflon reversible glides installed on the front and rear vacuum ports.
I have the 13" Zipper Wand 5 jet with 7.5 flow - great for commercial and residential. Separate yourself from the average cleaner in your area with a system like the Zipper Wand 🇺🇸 This is a USA hand assembled system with each part designed, crafted and finished to the highest of standards with the finished product delivering high performance steam cleaning that will smoke your competition clean💥 👉Get with Erik Hiltz he is 100% customer service and takes good care of Commercial Carpet Cleaners Group members

Name: Jeremy Parr- Parr's Deep Cleaning Service

Hey Erik, just wanted to give props again for your amazing tool, I’ve used it on multiple types of carpet with different soil levels and I’ve never had a carpet dry so fast in my life, I did a job yesterday where I was able to charge a buck a foot simply by explaining how it works compared to a regular wand, customer was so impressed they gave me an extra 50 bucks on top of the cleaning, said they’d never seen such an impressive professional tool before and every job I’ve done with it the customers have all raved about how amazing it is, I truly believe it’s going to grow my business!

Name: Ed Valentine - Cross-american Corporation

We had the opportunity of testing The ZIPPER wand with our JAGUAR ETM using 200 feet of vacuum hoses on a white carpet. The purpose was obvious, our goal was to see and witness the cleaning ability, the drying ability, and the ease of usage of the unique ZIPPER wand.
The additional comment here was that the owner and developer, Mr. Erik Hiltz,  took his valuable time and was also present. 
With much confidence and a smile, he put it in the hands of a customer of ours and said; "Start Cleaning!"
Quickly, we all witnessed the ease of usage and the cleaning ability (results) were unreal in terms of time and effort!
After nearing 50 years in this industry, I can confidently state that Erik has a real winner here in every respect.
Thanks, Erik, for the opportunity!

Name: Cruz Aragon-Aragon Carpet Cleaning, Inc.

Thank you , today I used the zipper wand for the first time at a commercial job. It did an awesome job. I wish I had the zipper long time ago.   

Name: Bobby Middleton

I've never seen anything clean this good at this speed in my 19 years. Morning started rotten. One guy was no show. Thank god, I already talked ***** into bringing his zipper ss over and maybe doing some cimex work. We actually got done in 7 hours. Little over 12,000 sf.with several offices. We goofed off a little. If I was to have jumped in there non stop and kept tm going the whole time. I honestly believe we could have done it in less than 6. But it wasn't a race. I'm happy we got it done and the floors look phenomenal. My tech took to the zipper real quick. He had no trouble with it.

Name: Kevin Kluth

 All I can say is that the Zipper is one of the best HWE tools since the can flush out a carpet extremely well. Vac slots on front and back; with holed glides on both sides, it can in many cases dry as fast or faster than a Cimex, with just one dry pass. On many jobs, we don't even bother with a dry pass! Visual appearance is quite good; it's hard to compare to the Cimex; in some cases it's probably better, in other cases, not as good. Pre-scrubbing in those cases helps out a lot. It is AMAZING how dry it leaves the carpet, both in resi and comm settings. Wick-back problems can be less than a Cimex, since soiling and water are being removed with dry passes. It's a game-changer!

Also, the Zipper requires very little training, since the head always maintains contact with the carpet. 

But we still have our Cimexes and a Vario. Each tool has its place!

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